BuzzFeed: Be Brave, Be Bold, Eat Chicken Nuggets.

This story was originally published on BuzzFeed.

Good morning Thursday, hold onto your suncream because it’s nearly the weekend and professional weather peeps tell me that we are in for a toasty one. My nordic skin only needs to wink at the sun and I morph into a burnt slice of bacon. In true food fashion, I will once again kick this off by giving you the hottest chicken nugget link around. Not entirely hot off the press this week but a golden oldie comes in the form America’s greatest chicken nugget hunt.  Here’s what my week looked like in the form of internet clicks:

1. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

To many, McDonald’s chicken nuggets are like raindrops straight from heaven but Eater has different ideas. The worst and best chicken nuggets have been tried and tested  in the US so here’s the rundown from 10 to 1. Top tip: loosen your belt strap before reading.

2. Wanna hang? Wanna nap?

Remember the episode of Friends where Joey and Ross share an exquisite nap together but the others find it disturbing? Well, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe and Chandler times are a changin’ and nap hangouts are the new pizza, bottle of Rioja, face mask hang and I’m definitely okay with it.

3. Millenials

The dirty word ‘millennials’ is being featured because I was shocked to still make the cut with another 4 years under my belt. The little things. Although the use of  the term ‘millennial’ makes my skin crawl it’s important to understand what we women want and how men have little say in projecting what they want on to us. The ultimate question: do millennial men really want stay at home wives?

4. Everyday bravery pins

From ‘someone didn’t like me and it was okay’ to ‘kicked cancer’s ass’ it’s vital to remind ourselves that day to day we really are trojans, but more importantly remind everyone else by sporting bravery pins as the latest fashion accessory.

5. I Am Not Your Negro

The question of race in America is an ongoing one. Writer and activist James Baldwin endeavoured to explore the evolution of the ‘negro’ in America and Oscar nominated Raoul Peck has brought Baldwin’s words to life through his documentary ‘I Am Not Your Negro’. I urge all filmmakers, political thinkers, and humans to watch Peck’s vital film this weekend at Bertha DocHouse because who really wants to go back to work on Monday with sunburn?