Cupsmith: Coffee Chronicles.

When someone comments that it’s the best party or cutest top they have ever been to/seen I often find myself questioning their sentiment. What one deems the best ragger could be another’s idea of boredom therefore it’s subjective to ones level of fun or adoration. Considering my current level of radicalism is to wear a ‘weekend vibes’ jumper on a week day, I am not the most certified person to judge. I digress…Let’s start as we mean to go on and talk about coffee.

There is a connection to my best and cutest theory when it comes to coffee. How does one establish if they have drunk the best cup of coffee everrrrr? My morning cup of crack was previously brought to me by many different brands but regardless of brand I remained true to organic or Fairtrade producers because I care about the Earth, and how high I could get off a cafeteria before 7am. As a freelancer I am well versed in sipping as I go which translates to stained blouses and cold coffee. Trying to drink coffee in the heat of the moment is like Tom Cruise diverting from Scientology: mission impossible. Since being introduced to Cupsmith I have thought more about how I drink my coffee and why I drink it at all. Considering I have been in several coffee comas for the past 10 years, this was quite a foreign awakening.

The world could be divided into two groups; those who thrive on coffee and those who… opt for tea. Coffee has always been a vehicle of productivity for me; it cycles the wheels of motion from 7am until noon. Thereafter I fall victim to non caffeinated liquids. However, I had been lost in translation with my habitual morning drink for a while and it didn’t feel right; how could a drink that had lovingly given me so much over the years turned its back on me like a stranger on the London tube? In a bid to reintroduce myself to coffee I began to speed date my favourite cups so that I knew what the best cup of Joe was on the market. I shan’t name and shame those that didn’t receive my telephone number but suffice to say my research led me back to the coffee that initially encouraged such a manifesto – Cupsmith. For those who feel as equally passionate about coffee as I do, you will understand that it is not just the drinking of coffee that wakes your senses rather it is the larger attachment to coffee production as a whole, and at Cupsmith they have every link in the chain nailed to perfection.

Now that my coffee candle has been relit, I feel less inclined to rush my first cup and enjoy the significance of its smooth, Arabica taste from a well-trimmed garden shrub until the rest of my household vacate the premises. I will leave my garden shrub findings for another day but believe me when I say; it’s the most unassuming place where no one will threaten your morning peace. For alternative mellow mornings, you can hop over to Cupsmith’s roastery on Wednesday and Friday’s from 10 until noon for a taste of their sublime coffee, or tea if that’s what tickles your caffeinated genes.

Namaste folks!