Autumn and Aaron Jumpers.

So long January 1st, September is the real game changer. September fosters new beginnings. Seasons are shifting, leafs are changing colour and Aaron knitted jumpers are appearing across the retail land. HALLELUJAH. My tiny human has returned to his normal childcare routine after a few weeks off for summer and suddenly I feel like I have galloons of time to think about life. I submitted my final Masters assignment yesterday – pass the gin but Quavers in bed was my alternative reality. The thing they don’t tell you before having a child is that in times of celebration you cannot forego the 7pm weeknight bedtime routine; celebrating post child warrants a pyjama dress code. So, I halted my celebrating until this morning when I kissed my cherry cheeked little dude goodbye and did what any respectful mother would following a summer of university deadlines, play dates, stained carpets, swimming lessons and general toddler mayhem, I downloaded season 6 of GIRLS and ate copious banana muffins. The niggling guilt of taking a morning to oneself is no joke over here in motherland, so with one eye on my TV obsession I decided to pen my September intentions because internet accountability is everything.

In fear of setting unrealistic aims for the month ahead some of the following points are taken from my original summer bucket list – that naturally I never scrapped the surface of – and some are sponsored by last night’s inspirational Quaver binge. Don’t expect to see ‘climb Mount Everest’; this bucket list is more a larger scale ‘to do’ with a dollop of ‘drink an overprized Bloody Mary at The Ned’ for good measure. What is it with new school supplies at the end of every aisle that makes us giddy for change or improvement? Why do Instagram images of children outside school gates in crisp new uniforms hit us like a wrecking ball? Why does September feel more like the beginning of a new chapter than New Years Day?

I still miss selecting ‘back to school’ stationary (that robbed my mother £10 per bendy pencil) because it represented possibility: new friendships, new achievements and new Sketcher school shoes. The beaconing of a new academic year, and all of its jubilations and hesitations, hasn’t changed for me in adulthood; the only difference is that I no longer justify buying a £10 pencil because bugger that it’s now MY money, yet the £22 Bloody Mary has been well earned so let’s have two! May the winds of September change be kind to you, and if you really wish to be ambitious this autumn, I suggest considering my loosely curated intentions:

  • Make this broccoli sandwich
  • Finish my outstanding summer reads – South and West by Joan Didion and No-Drama Discipline by Daniel J.Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson
  • Finish dining room art wall
  • Visit a new city
  • Write every day
  • Create craft corner for tiny human
  • Do more crafts with tiny human in craft corner
  • Don’t book gym classes then cancel because there is a slim possibility that I will run 1 minute over the start time
  • Buy a bagel from Zobler’s Deli
  • Use my Curzon cinema membership
  • Eat pizza at ICCO